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The Vallican Whole Community Centre is owned and operated by
we are big believers in having fun while we serve our community!

  • Membership Info - Application
  • Things you can do, Committees you can join
  • Other Volunteer opportunities at this time

An involved Membership and Volunteer force is the backbone of any successful community organization - especially a rural one. That is particularly true for the Rural Alternatives Research and Training Society


Membership to RARTS is open to anyone who agrees to honour the purposes goals and bylaws of our society.



We are working on highlighting the benefits of membership, but perhaps the greatest benefit you can receive is the knowledge that you are supporting a long tradition of community service in the Slocan Valley of British Columbia. Have a read of the ABOUT US section of this website to learn more.

Other benefits include:
* notification of upcoming events
* a vote at our annual general meeting
* you may run for the board of directors
* you may serve on a board/membership committee
* invitations to special events
* support with community ideas that you want to see happen


 Click here to download a membership application (pdf)
Print the application and fill it in with good old fashioned ink and send it along with your $10 annual membership fee to
S16a C2 RR#1 Winlaw BC Canada V0G 2J0


For only 100 hours of volunteer time, you can receive a lifetime membership with RARTS. 100 hours goes by quickly when you are doing something you love for your community.

Check out the Volunteer opportunities tab on this page to see what you can do.


There are many ways you can help us help your are some suggestions!


We need your ideas in order to remain responsive to community needs. We’re willing to work with anyone who has the energy and vision to make things happen.
If you have an idea that would benefit the community and you’d like some help bringing it to fruition, contact us.

at THE WHOLEanneke

Our community has always supported us. It takes a lot of work to put on events and usually the event promoter is a struggling community member. If we don’t support one another’s initiatives, we don’t have much of a community. Successful events (whether they are run by RARTs or not) help make your community centre sustainable.


If you are considering running an event, or having a special celebration or retreat – contact us! We will work with you and be more than fair.

If you know someone who may be running an event or is in the business of event planning, please forward them our url and contact information.


Our members are the backbone of our organization.
Consider becoming a lifetime member of RARTS by volunteering 100 hours of service to your community centre.


Our board meetings are fun and collaborative. We communicate openly, and encourage one another. We have a nice mix of older and younger community members and long timers and newcomers to the valley. Our meetings are fairly efficient, well facilitated, yet not stuffy. Directors are elected for two year terms at our annual general meeting which is held in the summer.


If you don’t have the energy and time to become a board member and you prefer a discreet task that you can do without attending a ton of meetings, consider joining one of our Committees. 
You have your choice of:

Building and Gardens Committee-why join us?
* Time-limited effort and flexible commitment
* A great way to learn new trade skills
* Everyone will see the fruits of your labour
* Less talk, more do.

A few jobs we have planned this year:
* Clean-up days spring and fall
* Ongoing repairs to the Building, tables and fixtures
* Making improvements to the grounds
* Building an outdoor stage
* Building outdoor facilities (outhouses and showers)
* Refinishing the maple hardwood floors


Finance Committee-Why join us?
* We are a small group with infrequent meetings and a very specific task
* This is a great way to learn about business planning and budgeting
* Our Administrator prepares clear financial reports

Things the Finance committee can do:
* Informal audit
* Support our committees in contributing to the budget process


Events Committee- Why join us?

* You can take on a very specific job, as big or small as you wish.
* This is a great way to meet energetic positive community members.
* The work is creative and much appreciated.

A few jobs we want to accomplish:
* Develop a volunteer recognition event
* Increase our programming for children
* Creating more Whole Perspectives sessions
* Continue to work on our Eco-Art Sculpture Park
* Strengthen our focus on arts programming
* Add to our music/culture series.


Vallican Whole Eco-Sculpture Park Committee - Why join us?

This is the chance to be part of something exciting and to leave a legacy to your community

The sculpture park committee is working towards:
* Installing more sculptures
* Involving more local sculptors in the project
* Hosting sculpture and community art making events
* Establishing wheel chair accessible paths


Many people ask us "Do you need anything?". Ok then,
Here's a list of what we need at this time.
If you have some to spare, we'd greatly appreciate it:
* Snow plow services
* More pots and pans and serving bowls
* Foldable tables

We are a registered Canadian charity and can provide an official tax receipt for physical goods or money donated.



From time to time we post calls for volunteers to help us with workdays or specific tasks

For our upcoming Events we need help in these areas:
Security / Parking
Setup * Cleanup

This summer in May and June we plan grounds and building workdays to prepare the property for a busy season of rentals and events.

Please contact us if this work interests you

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