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The Vallican Whole Community Centre, originally the epicentre of the counterculture movement in this part of the West Kootenays, celebrated its
40th Birthday August 26, 27 & 28, 2011 test
Who can believe it's forty years since this wild & crazy bunch of dreamers built the most beautiful hall in the Kootenays?
Thankyou for celebrating the rich past & promising future of The Whole Community
with an eclectic weekend of Music, Art, Memories, Food & Family
The party is over, the music still rings in our ears, the smiles in our mind's eye, and friend's hugs can still be felt. We are posting party photos as they come in!

Click here for a printable program of the weekend


  • Friday
    AUGUST 26
    6 pm

    program details
  • Saturday
    AUGUST 27
    noon- midnight

    program details
  • Sunday
    AUGUST 28
    11 am - 5:30 pm

    program details
  • Friday - Sunday
    August 26 -28
    Other things happening
    throughout the weekend

    and our festival sponsors!

Admission by donation or weekend pass ... cash bar

6 - 7:30 pm
Wine and Cheese Social


6:15 pm - Dedication of Tissy Carpendale's bench in 'the living room' of our eco-sculpture park. Join us around 6:15 and raise a glass in honor of Tissy and her legacy.

A gentle start to the weekend of sipping local wine,tasting local cheese - greeting old friends and meeting new ones ...before the potentially raucus
Cafe Voltaire starts! Jerseyland Organics from Grand Forks are supplying the cheese Check them out on their facebook page and give them a big thankyou from us!

7:30 - 11 pm

Cafe Voltaire


tom wayman
Tom Wayman

Geordi Campos

Blake Parker

Margaret Parker curated Cafe Voltaire at the Whole years ago and she has returned for this special anniversary event.

When asked to describe Cafe Voltaire she cays "Cafe Voltaire is a knock-off of Cabaret Voltaire 1916 created in Zurich by the blossoming Dadaists. A cabaret of performance talent, artworks, and debauchery!! I started it in the late '70's/early'80's as my way of recreating that exciting age! We've had some good times but not very often of late."

MC'd by Kootenay thesbian Michael Graham


Tom Wayman, poetry
Will Parker, poetry/performance
Eva Tree, musician/singer/poet
Lynn Lidstone, poetry
Samuel Stevenson, performance poetry
Geordi Campos, performance poetry
Laura Landsberg, singer
Sunny Wood, musician

Margaret's brother Blake Parker, well known for his spoken word performances... will be here in spirit as Cafe Voltaire is resurrected.

Read about Cafe Voltaire in this "In the Koots" articles.

WARNING: not a child-friendly event - as performers are encouraged to cut loose and be flagrant.



Admission by donation for all events except BRAIN CHILD Dance & Locavore's Potluck FEAST... cash bar starts at 5 pm

12- 4 pm Eclectic Outdoor Band Stand
in the Backyard

Olin McKay


A diverse assortment of live performances ranging from Blues, Folk, Rock, and the undescribable.

The next generation of Whole organisers have put together the lineup,



bringing local favourites OLIN MCKAY and TERRY B MOORE

NO GOLD (from Vancouver)

and the MAGIC ARROWS :
The harmony and the beauty of the voices of the Magic Arrows is as poignant as the song writing. With a mix of musical and instrumental backgrounds these two string fates are a wonder to behold. And backed
by the patented suitcase percussion of Noam Ash these Ladies and the gentleman are one of the gems in our back yard.



All day

Arts & Craft Fair
in the front yard

An Arts & Crafts fair run like an artists collective by the good folks from the new WEE GALLERY on Highway 6. A fine selection of fine art under a beautiful Arabian tent - so you can "bring home a piece of the valley"


All day

Kootenay Sand Sculptors


Slocan Valley resident Peter Vogelaar and his band of intrepid sand sculptors will sculpt one of their unique creations on site all day Saturday.
4-7 Open Stage
in the backyard
In between the bands and during hte potluck, come relax and visit with old friends in the backyard, or pick up an instrument and noodle about on the OPEN STAGE. Queen Accordionna (aka Loreleli) will host the stage.
6 - 7:15 pm

Locavores Potluck Feast
in the backyard

feast locavores
feast feast

The famous and bountiful Locavore's Feast is back.

We host local meat and veggie burgers,
and YOU , The WHOLE community flesh out the rest of the meal with culinary surprises from your gardens and kitchens.

Remember you are feeding your friends from afar (and they may not be able to bring food) so please be generous with your potluck items.

A celebration of abundance.



7:15 - 8 pm

A live auction of eight amazing items and experiences


Ann Swanson-Gross original oil painting - "In the Steps of Diogenes". rabia


Lesley Mayfield wall hanginggourmetdinner


Auctioneer - our own Corky Evans


1. Sailing trip for four on Slocan Lake
on Captain Gary Wright's 61-ft sloop.
Retail value: Priceless

2. Ann Swanson Gross - Original Oil
"In the Steps of Diogenes".
Retail value $1000

3. Carved rock by Rabi'a


4. Dragon by Pamela Nagley Stevenson. Medium:wood soda fired porcelain clay
13 inches tall. retail value $250.

5. Carved bird by Kuris Raits


6. Geese wall hanging by Lesley Mayfield
(16 x 44")

7. Elegant dinner prepared in your home by a genuine chef, Doug Wearing of MunchMore Foods in Passmore.

8. And the icing on the cake - is a cake !...but not just any cake. This is one of Glenice Wilson and Sabbian Clover's legendary and coveted cakes - the bidding will be high on this one!

50% of the winning bid price goes to the artist and 50% goes to the Whole - so you are helping both at the same time you're getting something wonderful!.

Artists and their works are indeed one-of-a-kind !


8 pm - 1 am

plays The Whole!

brain Child
Brain Child

In the 70s, "Brain Damage" played fundraisers for a Whole roof. Now "Brain Damage's" spawn "Brain Child " returns to the Whole to help us raise funds for our open air stage.

“Brain Child” is the modern incarnation of folk-rock band “Brain Damage” - also known as the “Flying Hearts Family.” They began performing in 1971 in halls across the Slocan Valley, Nelson, and the interior of British Columbia. The original lineup featured: Bing Jensen (guitar & vocals); Gary Cramer (guitar & vocals); David Engleman (bass & vocals); Joel Bert (percussion & vocals); Randy Clark (drums & percussion); and Helen Davis (vocals). The 1980’s brought two new members to the lineup - their original soundman, Fred Michael (saxophone); and Larry ‘Lunchpail’ McGillivray (drums & backing vocals). Throughout their 34 year history “Brain Damage” toured and shared stages with countless bands & artists, until the passing of two of its founding members – Joel Bert in 2003, and Gary Cramer 2006 – ended their storied run as one of BC’s most beloved live bands. This spirit of camaraderie and music continues with “BrainChild” as they perform some of the ‘classics’ from their roots alongside their new material.




Admission by donation or weekend pass

11 - 3 pm

Family Events




We have a team of family event organizers working out a schedule of FREE DROP-IN activites for kids of all ages.

For the young ones there will be playdough, bubbles, bean bag throw, hoola hoops and more.

For those a bit older, craft tables, activity games, costuming, and fun relays.

Throughout the weekend will be a WHOLE TRIVIA SCAVENGER HUNT involving the Whole family, culminating in the big prize on Sunday.

11 - 3 Open Stage If family games arent your bag, you can relax and visit with old friends in the backyard, or pick up an instrument and noodle about on the OPEN STAGE. Queen Accordionna (aka Loreleli) will host the stage.
12:45 - 1 pm Jeanetti Spaghetti Back at the Whole after a long absence, Jeannetti Spaghetti returns with her wonderful children's entertainment.

1 - 2 pm

Bing Jensen Kid's Concert

Bing Jensen


Bing Jensen (aka BRAIN CHILD headman) also has a softspot for the younger crowd. Bring your young ones to this free one hour concert and Bing will get them dancing and singing.

After the show, Martina Tees takes you through drama games


3 - 4 pm

Cake and Tea



Our Friends at Fomis bakery are making us a big birthday cake, and we'd love you to be here to help us blow out all 40 candles and eat the wonderful cake creation.


4 - 5:30 pm
Afternoon Concert
& Goodbyes
nettaNetta Zeberoff

Toinya Marie Sammartino and Netta Florette Zeberoff, are both daughters of the Fominoff family, and Toinya's son, Classical Guitar Player, Angello Sammartino.

Toinya and Netta have been singing incredible harmonies in both Russian and English since they were little, first playing at a Vallican Whole Benefit when they were 16. They sing both traditional Russian songs, and
some exquisite songs in English of their own creation. Angelo played on the Kootenay Gallery stage during the Kootenay Festival.

A wonderful gentle way to end a wonderful weekend.


Throughout the weekend, you will have the opportunity to "Take home
a piece of the Valley" with an artist-run arts and crafts market
displaying an array of the Slocan Valley's creative endeavours.

Also ongoing will be Marcia Braundy's DVD, "Building the Building, Building Community," as well as various workshops, participatory art, and a Memory Wall, where people are asked to bring memorabilia from the entire 40-year period.

(Saturday and Sunday)

Take Home a Piece of the Slocan Valley with you. The folks from the burgeoning WEE GALLERY on Hiway 6 will present consigned pieces from local artists and craftspeople.


This is a sample of Peter and friends most recent sand sculpture in Castlegar..."Water Face and Fish"

The Slocan Valley is rich in artistic talent and drive.

During the weekend, Slocan Valley resident Peter Vogelaar and his crew of intrepid sand sculptors will be building one of their unique creations on site at THE WHOLE!.

Here is a "little ditty" by Nelson BC filmmaker and editor extraordinaire Nacy Rosenblum on sculptors Peter Vogelaar & friends

* Paint the Art Bus
* Add to our Memory Wall
* Make a flag of yourself or loved one (then or now) for our Community Prayer Flag.

evelynEvelyn Kirkaldy, one of the Slocan Valley's most gifted artists, will be on hand to help you put your painted mark on a circa 1970s old vehicle.

Bring or take a photo or take a photo on site, and add it to our Community Prayer Flag string ... and bring your memorabilia and we will add it to our WHOLE Memory Wall.

OPEN STAGE In between official events, there will be plenty of opportunity to relax and visit with old friends in the backyard, or pick up an instrument and noodle about on the OPEN STAGE. Queen Accordionna (aka Loreleli) will host the stage.


Throughout the weekend you are invited to share with the community any interesting workshop you'd like to provide. We'll post the workshops here as they come in.

Saturday 4 - 6 pm


Get Down Without Getting Down!

After a long day of partying or visiting friends, get in touch with Christine Sutherland on Saturday afternoon for her head, neck, and shoulder massages! Learn to rub those computeritis blues the right way with a massage that will have you tingling to your fingertips. Everyone with get around to rubbing everyone in the hour long workshop without oil and with feeling.

Christine will teach ways to massage down the back without taking anything off except tension! Her massage "everywhere and all the time" approach to teaching will give all participants relaxation and rejuvenation at the same time!

Christine taught massage workshops in past reunions and is again looking forward to meeting young and "more mature" enthusiasts. Look forward to rubbing each other the Kootenay Way on Saturday afternoon at the 40th reunion.(No previous experience necessary)


Our Eco Sculpture Park is in its development stages. Come for a tour and to view some of the permanent installations and some of the more ephemeral art that changes as the elements wear it away.
HISTORICAL SLIDESHOWbuilding the whole Marcia Braundy was part of building and photographing the Whole from the beginning and she has created a slideshow of the building's past 40 years called BUILDING THE BUILDING: Building Community which will be playing in the cool basement of the Whole throughout the weekend. This is also playing at the Kootenay Gallery in July.
Jerseyland Organics from Grand Forks are supplying the cheese for our wine and cheese social on August 26. They treat their animals ethically and the people that eat their yummy cheese and yogurt. Check them out on their facebook page and give them a big thankyou from us!
FOMIS BAKERY donated a beautiful 40th anniversary birthday cake - mmmm!
Our friends at FOMIS BAKERY did it up special for us with this huge 40th anniversary birthday cake. Thank you Wendy and Nicolas and all your family for your support over the years!


HERE THEY ARE - PARTY PHOTOS... we'll add more as more come in

Michael Graham MC Cafe Voltaire Samuel Stevenson - Cafe Voltaire Geordi Campos - Cafe Voltaire

Margaret Parker takes a well deserved rest after putting on Cafe Voltaire, while the rest whirl to the tunes of Brain Child

Magic Arrows - Saturday Afternoon Bandstand Corky Evans auctions off Ann Swanson Gross's painting after the Locavore's feast Peter Vogelaar enjoys the auction after a day of sand sculpting

Marcia Braundy auctions off a old photo while Bob Ploss watches with glee A symbol of a new world and way of being... A forgotten 1969 VW bus was transformed into an art installation during the Vallican Whole 40th

FOMIS bakery outdid themselves with this wonderful Vallican Whole 40th cake! mmmmm! Former Board member and sculpture park visionary Monica Carpendale dishes out birthday cake with caretaker Seamus Gray Yummy local organic corn from Endless Harvest was cooked up by Don Munro on the barbie

These fantastic photos were taken by Jeremy Addington



There are many ways you can help us help your community... here are some suggestions!


We need your ideas in order to remain responsive to community needs. We’re willing to work with anyone who has the energy and vision to make things happen.

If you have an idea that would benefit the community and you’d like some help bringing it to fruition, contact us.


Our community has always supported us. It takes a lot of work to put on events and usually the event promoter is a struggling community member. If we don’t support one another’s initiatives, we don’t have much of a community. Successful events (whether they are run by RARTS or not) help make your community centre sustainable.


If you are considering running an event, or having a special celebration or retreat – contact us! We will work with you and be more than fair.

If you know someone who may be running an event or is in the business of event planning, please forward them our url and contact information.

Our members are the backbone of our organization. Consider becoming a lifetime member of RARTS by volunteering 100 hours of service to your community centre.


Our board meetings are fun and collaborative. We communicate openly, and encourage one another. We have a nice mix of older and younger community members and long timers and newcomers to the valley. Our meetings are fairly efficient, well facilitated, yet not stuffy. Directors are elected for two year terms at our annual general meeting which is usually held in the summer.


If you don’t have the energy and time to become a board member and you prefer a discreet task that you can do without attending a ton of meetings, consider joining one of our Committees. 
You have a choice of:

Building and Gardens Committee-why join us?
* Time-limited effort and flexible commitment
* A great way to learn new trade skills
* Everyone will see the fruits of your labour
* Less talk, more do.

A few jobs we have planned this year:
* Clean-up days spring and fall
* Clean and patch our well (done summer 2010)
* Tune-up the wheelchair ramp.


Finance Committee-Why join us?
* We are a small group with infrequent meetings and a very specific task
* This is a great way to learn about business planning and budgeting
* Our Administrator prepares clear financial reports

Two jobs we have planned this year:
* Informal audit
* Tune-up our budget process.


Events Committee- Why join us?

* You can take on a very specific job, as big or small as you wish.
* This is a great way to meet energetic positive community members.
* The work is creative and much appreciated.

A few jobs we have planned this year:
* Develop a volunteer recognition event
* Increase our programming for children
* Continue our emphasis on programming about rural skills
* Continue to work on our Eco-Art Sculpture Park
* Strengthen our focus on arts programming
* Plan a 40th Anniversary Celebration for August 2011


Many people ask us "Do you need anything?". Ok then,
Here's a list of what we need at this time. If you have some to spare, we'd greatly appreciate it:
* A load of sand
* New stackable comfy chairs
* Snow blower
* Snow plow services

We are a registered Canadian charity and can provide an official tax receipt for physical goods or money you donate.



RARTS Archives and Documents - we are updating this section ...


Add your face to our flag string of WHOLE COMMUNITY FACES
We are making a prayer flag string of faces of The Whole Community and flying it thoroughout the property. Add your face, the face of a loved one, or your favourite photo of the past to the string - and be at the WHole forever in spirit!

xAdd your photo to our WHOLE Community Flag String $10

Once you have made your flag purchase send us an email at and attach your photo as a jpg/giff/tiff and we will add your flag to the string.



Consider donating to support THE WHOLE's charitable community work.

No amount is too small. Donations over $25 will receive a tax receipt. NOTE: DONATIONS ARE PROCESSED ON A SEPARATE TRANSACTION-You will be directed to express checkout when you press the donate button.

Throughout the weekend there are Community Art Making opportunities, Eco Sculpture Park Tours, Magical grounds of the Vallican Whole, Historical Slide show, Craft Fair and Workshops.



Follow us!